1 Headline: Cycle Out Cancer

2 Sub-headline: We Ride so Others May Live

3 Benefits: Explain how we make a difference in this world.

4 Call-to-Action: Links to email, Facebook, Twitter, and other ways to connect us.

5 Features: Include pictures, maps, and desciptions of planned rides.

6 Cancer Survivors: Include quotes from lives we've touched.

7 Website Navigation System

8 Images

9 Resources

John Lilly
Northeastern University
360 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA 02115

Five reasons you might use a CTA.

  1. Streamlines the process of someone going from a website visitor to a lead.
  2. Customers want the next step to be easy to identify.
  3. Helps convert people in digitial advertising campaigns
  4. Source for 1-3
  5. Improve click through rate, which in turns improves SEO.
  6. Tell your website visitors what to do next.
  7. Source for 4-5

Five techniques for drawing attendion to your CTA.

  1. Have multiple CTA's on a page.
  2. Use well defined text that makes it clear what the CTA is asking the visitor to do.
  3. Make it stand out by using strong, distinctive colors.
  4. Use an image of a person looking back at the user.
  5. Clearly tell the user what will happen if they click the CTA.
  6. Source